Rising from the Cracks

a poem about staying strong in the face of adversity


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What do we make of Derrick Rose?

One moment can have a dramatic impact on our lives. Everything that came before it doesn’t matter as much and everything afterwards takes on bigger importance. For Derrick Rose, that moment came on April 28, 2012. As we remember, it was the playoff game where he tore his ACL in the final moments of a win against the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then, his career and personal life has been filled with drama, controversy, and frustrations.

Since he returned from the knee injury in 2013, Rose hasn’t been the same player. He’s gotten injured each season he’s been back and has seen his production worsen. His assists have decreased for three straight years while he’s been turning the ball over at a career high rate in his time with the Cavs this year. Oddly enough, he’s getting to and converting shots at the rim at the highest rate of his career, but that doesn’t tell the entire story. Teams know he can’t space the floor anymore and that created myriads of problems for the Cavaliers. Rose hasn’t reached 30 percent from three point range in four years and was shooting a ghastly 23.1 percent from deep this year. You’re not going to be able to drive to the basket every offensive possession, and if you can’t help out in other ways, the team becomes limited in how they can maximize your skills. It also doesn’t help when the team has gone 11–1 (and the one loss was by only four points against the best team in the NBA this season) since he’s been gone.

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