10 Classic Movies Every Film Lover Should Watch

Are you a movie lover? Have you watched Pink Panther Movies? Are you an avid film watcher? A fan of cinematic brilliance? Certain classic movies simply must be seen by all movie fans, as they each…


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Twin Flames and Childhood Trauma

An all too common theme I see over and over are people, especially women (because in this culture, women are “collectively” targeted to keep them small, imo, by men who create a public narrative that is designed by them and for them to maintain an artificial sense of control), who are taught, when they’re young

that they don’t deserve X, Y, or Z

doesn’t matter what goes with each letter; what DOES matter is that, as children, they were taught that their value is conditional

and, on top of that, suspect

so that, moving forward, they will think twice about dreaming too big . . . “know your place” is the standard mantra

this is a destructive thing, even if the intention behind it may have seemed (erroneously, though) to the parents or teachers spreading this lie

as something positive, meant to protect the child

however, anything that tells a child not to dream big is a destructive lie . . . framing options is one thing, telling a child they shouldn’t aspire towards the things that matter, to them . . . quite another

which leads, in a roundabout Andy way . . . to this

Twin Flames typically have childhoods that mirror one another; they often have similar strengths and similar histories in regards to why those particular strengths were buried and left for dead

and if your dreams are in some graveyard yet you’re still alive and kicking, then there are going to be some “complications” in your psychological makeup

you will be, more often than not, seen as erratic and erratic behavior, especially if you are obviously gifted or talented in some way . . . an open invitation for abuse

and no matter how gifted, a lifetime of passive-aggressive behavior directed towards you will (eventually) erode your self-esteem and, needless to say, self-esteem issues and romance are not typically a strong “match”

so, why do Twin Flames often show up after each of them have acquired a long line of failed relationships which lead, again more often than not, to both a fear of being in any group that would have them

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