The Virtual Data Lake for a Data Scientist

In the previous article we reviewed the architectural elements of the virtual data lake, dug deeper into its technical implications. In this post, we will review the architectural elements of the…


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10 Classic Movies Every Film Lover Should Watch

A Must-See List of Timeless Classics

Director Francis Ford Coppola’s crime drama has become a classic and is still considered one of the greatest films ever made. It follows the story of the Corleones, an Italian-American Mafia family, and their struggles to maintain power and honor in New York City.

Directed by and starring Orson Welles, this film is widely acknowledged as one of the best made. Its story follows a newspaper tycoon’s rise to wealth and power and his quest for happiness. It offers viewers insights into corruption, greed, and how ambition can be both a boon and a curse.

This film follows the story of an innocent man’s quest for freedom after he is wrongfully convicted of murder and sent to prison. This powerful drama, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, conveys an important message about hope in the face of struggle.

This film is considered one of the greatest love stories of all time, and for good reason — it captures the complexity and heartache of a forbidden romance in an exotic setting, in a way that few other films have ever done.

This iconic film follows the story of a down-on-his-luck boxer who rises to fame after taking on the world heavyweight champion. Rocky shows viewers that determination, hard work, and stubbornness can overcome enormous odds.

This powerful drama follows three friends as they grapple with issues of morality, loyalty, and tragedy while serving in the Vietnam War. It is a poignant look at courage and brotherhood during one of the most difficult periods in history.

This classic romance follows the story of two star-crossed lovers struggling to find their place in a tumultuous world. With its sweeping epic scope, grand performances, and timeless message of love, it is no wonder why this film remains a popular favorite to this day.

This classic musical tells the story of Dorothy’s adventures in the magical land of Oz, and her quest for home. With its memorable characters, stunning visuals, and inspiring message about the power of friendship and courage, this film is beloved by viewers of all ages.

This sweeping epic follows the story of T. E. Lawrence, a British officer who unites rival Arab tribes in a campaign against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It is a powerful testament to the power of one man’s vision, and its desert vistas are some of the most breathtaking ever filmed.

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