Silver Sparrow Book Review

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones is a book that takes place in the 1980’s about two young girls, Dana Lynn Yarbor and Bunny Chaurisse Witherspoon, that are half siblings. They are teenagers close in…


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Why Do I Need a Portable Blender?

A small blender might sound like a complete waste of space. However, have you considered the benefits to shrinking down an appliance? Depending on your lifestyle and family size, a portable blender might be just the thing to cut back on cabinet space and only use what you actually need! Plus, many fall into an affordable $20 to $60 price range that is far more attractive than spending hundreds for a larger model.

Is it just you or maybe you and one other person in your house hold? If so, do you really need that huge, super powered blender that has been gathering dust in your cupboard? Consider how many times you have used it in the last six months. Now consider how many you used it to capacity. You may find most you are often only half filling it, when a small blender would suffice. By using the larger one, you are wasting:

• Storage space

• Power to run the larger motor

• Food that remains on the unused portion of the blender container

• Your time as you have to spend more of it cleaning the larger capacity container

• Money that you paid for the larger blender size

If you still think you need that big blender even though you do not use it to capacity, have you thought about what other appliances you might have that could easily replace it, justifying the use of a small blender? Do you own any of the following:

• Food processor

• Chopper (hand or electric)

• Mixer

• Ice dispenser with chopped ice option

Kitchen mixers are “hands-free” and can be used to mix thick bread dough and cake batter, whisk egg whites, and prepare large batches of food at a time. The electric hand mixers are most popular, allowing the experienced cook to whip up something for cooking and baking within a reasonable time frame. Blenders can be used for many different things but are best at making smoothies, milkshakes, purees, and soup.

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