Importance of the Mentor to be successful

A mentor is someone who guides who towards the right path, the path which is right for you. He guides and teaches you that somethings which may be good for others may not be good for yourself. He…


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A few seconds of sleep that changed my life forever!

On a normal day on my way to the hospital at 5:30am I placed my backpack in the back seat, decided to skip the usual morning coffee as was running late and ignited the car engine. Although, lets get a little bit of background first as to who I am. I am a first year medical student on my summer break between first and second year just two weeks for second year to start. Wait a minute, rotations don’t start till third year and definitely not during the only summer of in medical school, I am sure this is what is running through your mind! Yes, but I was enthusiastic to learn about the field of OB/Gyn since I was a result of IVF (in vitro fertility) medicine and have seen a friend battle through cervical cancer. Hence I was working with a team of gynecologist oncologist after receiving a scholarship called HOW, Hearing the Ovarian Whisper. The night before this day I had arrived home at 11:30pm due to the fact that I was in a surgery getting a chance to see an pelvic exenteration for the first time (these surgeries are not your everyday surgeries so being involved in one was like a medical student’s dream) and also cause I was naive enough to heed rumors that you should as a medical student be the last one to leave. Now let’s get back to the present day.

So I started driving my usual route, turned on the radio to the song “Fireflies” by Owl City, let the cool breeze bounce and whirl its way through my face and the blue scrubs I was wearing. When all of a sudden, my dreary sleep deprived eyes shut on the road right before entering the freeway and the extensors of my right leg no longer defied the laws of gravity and I slept. All of a sudden, I woke up to a harsh sound of a wheel rolling over the curbside, I woke up and in front of me was the pitiful glistening eyes of a frightened deer standing tall at the left side of the road and I swerved with all might to avoid hitting it. The only thing I did not take at that point due to just waking up abruptly from a short nap was a calculated risk of the probablility of hitting the deer, the speed my car was at, the presence of any other objects. So I swerved not realizing I was cruising probably at 70 mph on a curvy patch before hitting the ramp to the freeway and this is where my life changed!

I recall a loud crash, a front jostling motion of my upper body, and the cool breeze of morning air was now replaced by a warm wind, some warm fluid in my mouth, my face and the smell of burning rubber. It took my body about 1 minute to settle down…

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