What do we make of Derrick Rose?

One moment can have a dramatic impact on our lives. Everything that came before it doesn’t matter as much and everything afterwards takes on bigger importance. For Derrick Rose, that moment came on…


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The Writer Who Criticized My Writing Openly

It’s not about what you write. It’s about how you write.

Work on your writing. Your words and sentences are awkward. This sentence doesn’t make sense. I would write this sentence this way.

I heard these words from a fellow writer on medium yesterday. I will not take his name but he will know after reading.

Whereas I wrote a piece here that English is not my native language. Still, he commented with these words.

Let me tell you what my stance is.

I know and you must also know that there are different styles of writing. There is no one way to write a sentence. If a sentence is grammatically correct then I will consider it current. How to make a better sentence structure is what I’m working on.

Some writers write very well. I appreciate and read those writers. And hence I’m trying to improve.

But is this the way to correct a person by writing these comments on their stories?

There are basic rules of ethics that should be followed by every civilized person. Don’t criticize someone in public who is asking for help. It’s my ethic that I don’t write the name of writers directly whom I address for their negative behavior.

What you can do to point out the mistakes of writers you want to help?

Never leave a negative comment on any writer’s stories.

I can see a lot of people these days are doing this. It simply means that they can’t see others strive. They can’t see someone moving towards success.

So, they write comments like these. You must know that Medium has started de curating stories. And the main reason for doing this is found to be the hateful comments under their stories.

So I and you must have to check responses to our stories regularly. If you find any hateful comment you must hide, block or report that.

Thank you Dr. Mehmet for always guiding us about Medium in the most humble, sincere, and effective way.

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